Cubs – Children aged 7-11

Want your child to get a head start on making friends and learning practical skills?

Being a Cub is fun and exciting! You learn new things, make new friends, do good turns to help people and protect nature around you!

Play, sing and build things with friends, discover and explore new places, plants, animals, cultures and technologies, camp or have a sleepover.

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Scouts – youth aged 11-17

Being a Scout teaches you how to be independent, how to take responsibility, how to protect your environment, how to contribute to your community and how to be prepared for success!

Hike, sail, fly and camp, get active, respect your environment, be a leader and team player, be inventive, experience the adventure.

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Rovers – young adults aged 18-30

Being a Rover is the best way to indulge in your love for the outdoors, compassion for people and adventurous spirit while serving others and making a difference.

Participate in adventurous hikes, camps and trips, serve and uplift communities and lives. Grow and develop into the leaders of tomorrow and create a better world.

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