The CW12 District runs a number of annual competitions for its Cub, Scout and Adult members. These events are listed on the Calendar page, but details are outlined below. Ensure you are on the district email mailing list to receive the latest updates.

Events For Everyone:

District Campfire

Annually we hold a large campfire, filled with songs, skits, yarns and hot chocolate! It a chance for everyone to get together one night a year and have some fun and camaraderie. We’d like to thank 1st Blaauwberg Sea Scouts for hosting the most recent one, and the Table Bay Rover Crew for providing the programme.

Swimming Gala

The District Swimming Gala is an annual competition in which Cubs (kids aged 7-10), Scouts (aged 11-18) and adults, who are typically their parents and volunteers, can take part in a fun afternoon of competitive swimming. The focus on this competition is not to be a formal tournament, but rather to be a fun day that encourages participation.

The Gala is hosted annually by the Table Bay Rover Crew and full details and historic tournament records can be found on their website. We’d like to thank Milnerton Primary School for being our continuous venue hosts.

Scout Events:

Catapult Building Competition

The annual CW12 District catapult competition, run at Dolphin Beach, is a test of pioneering skills, where Scout Troops are required to build a large catapult. Only ropes and poles may be used, and troops need to construct the entire thing from scratch in less than 2 hours. The final catapults are evaluated on their construction and the distance they can launch a projectile.

The most recent event, was organised by the 1st Table View Scout Group, and independently judged by the Table Bay Rovers.

District Scout Orienteering Competition

The CW12 District Orienteering is run every year for the Scouts and adult teams in our district. Unlike traditional Score-O orienteering, where maps already have points plotted, we require teams to do their own mapwork and figure out where the control points are based on compass readings.

The Orienteering Competition is hosted by the Table Bay Rover Crew, with information available on their website. We’d like to thank Intaka Island for being our most recent host.

Robert’s Trophy

Roberts Trophy is a Scout proficiency competition run annually in the CW12 District. For the lay person, what this means is that kids ages 11-17 take part in teams of 6 to 8 in a variety of challenges that test the skills they have learned in Scouting. These skills include things like first aid, pioneering, woodcraft and survival.

The competition is organised by the Table Bay Rover Crew, and historic details are available on their website. We would like to thank the Blaauwberg Nature Reserve for hosting the 2016 event.

Soccer Tournament

The CW12 Scout Soccer competition is a fun event that serves as a bit of a summer break for our kids.

Cub Events:

Beaver Competition

Beaver is hosted for the Cubs to take part in fun games and competitive activities by the local Akelas. Details for the upcoming event to be made available in the near future.

Leaping Wolf Workshop

The Leaping Wolf Workshop Weekend is run a few times annually, giving senior 10 year old Cubs the chance to complete any outstanding practical requirements for their Leaping Wolf Award. They will have the opportunity to learn some Scouting skills from our experienced Rovers, meet Akela’s from other packs and get a taste of the outdoor lifestyle they will be part of once they are old enough to join Scouts. Details of the event are provided on the Table Bay Rovers website.